The Ionic Oasis Alkaline Water Ionizer (facts)


The WaterWorks4u Ionic Oasis is the most powerful counter top water ionizer on the market today, its features and good looks stands head and shoulders above all its competitors.


Peter Goodgold of waterWorks4u shows how the  Ionic Oasis produces both strong acid and alkaline water. When consumed, alkaline water acts as a powerful natural antioxidant (more powerful than vitamin C) that seeks out and neutralizes free radicals. The acid water can be used as an all natural and non-toxic sterilizing /cleaning agent powerful enough to kill e-coli, Staph and most bacteria on contact.


Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits


Alkaline ionized water molecules form into small clusters, about 5 to 6 molecules per cluster, as opposed to normal water which has 10 to 13 molecules per cluster. This reduction in cluster size means ionized water can permeate cells and tissues more readily and hydrate your body faster and more effectively than normal water.


  • Alkaline Ionized Water is powerful antioxidant, more powerful than Vitamin C. Antioxidants neutralize the harmful effects of Free Radicals and reduce cellular andDNAdamage
  • Alkaline Ionized Water lowers over acidity of the body brought about by stress, poor diet, air pollution, secondary smoking and many bottled waters.
  • Ionized water hydrates the body faster and more effectively that tap water. It delivers more oxygen to your cells which improves metabolism and boosts your energy.
  • Alkaline Ionized Water facilitates healthy weight loss without dieting.  Alkaline water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize fat more easily
  • Alkaline Ionized Water helps eliminate water retention long term without resorting to diuretics. Diuretics only provide a temporary fix and are not suitable for some types of water retention.
  • Alkaline water reduces many aging symptoms caused by dehydration and an acidic diet.


 Ionized Acid Water (Electrolyzed Acidic Water) Benefits


The WaterWorks4u Ionic Oasis produces a healthy external by-product of Alkaline Ionized Water, it is Acidic Ionized Water or Electrolyzed Acidic Water (EAW). The powerful antiseptic effects of Electrolyzed Acidic Water (EAW) are due to the presence of natural oxidizing agents which give acid ionized water its sterilizing and anti-bacterial properties. The beneficial uses of Acidic Ionized Water are wide ranging and include body and skin care, natural treatments of  wound healing and antiseptic cleaning abilitiies.


  • Ionized acidic water is an effective sterilizing agent, ideal for washing hands and cleaning food or kitchen utensils.
  • A natural treatment for athlete’s foot, minor burns, insect bites, scratches and other minor wounds.
  • When sprayed on plants, acid water will attack and kill fungi and other plant diseases.
  • Regular gargling with acidic water protects against microbes that cause colds and tonsillitis.
  • Ionized acidic water is an effective teeth cleaning agent seven powerful than toothpaste.
  • Acid water produced by the WaterWorks4u Ionic Oasis water ionizer contains no harmful chemicals and is 100% environmentally friendly. Nor do we  package water in plastic bottles that to pollute the  landscape environment and clog landfills.


The WaterWorks4u Ionic Oasis has 7 platinum titanium plates with a total surface area of over 1350 centimeters. It can produce ionized water with a pH range of 2.5pH (acid)  to 11.8pH  (alkaline) and an ORP range of +900 to -920.  The features and performance of the WaterWorks4u Ionic Oasis are quite literally second to none.

Drinking ionized water is the most effective, most economical and by far the simplest way to restore and maintain long term health.


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One Response to The Ionic Oasis Alkaline Water Ionizer (facts)

  1. Benedita says:

    The realistic truth is that loppee need to recognize the truth about Alkaline Water and all the benefits it will give you. We need to get the word out about Alkaline Water. The AMA and the Big Drug Companies do not want you to know the water really does work. They would be out of business if we all were all healthy and did not need them any longer. The elementary facts are that it works. It cleanses the body of contaminants that we put it by everyday living, lets the body do its job of healing itself, and restores your natural wellness. For instance,Tap Water has positive +400 to +500mV, Wheat-Grass Juice has an negative O.R.P. of -120mV. Which is good. Real fresh squeezed Orange Juice has a negative O.R.P. of -250mV. Which is better. The LIFE 7600 Ionizers TM can get over -800mV. in one glass. This is as close as we can ever hope to get to a Fountain of Youth. In addition, irrespective what Machine you buy, the alkaline water is going to help you feel better. Check it out for yourself and you make the call. Do You Want To Feel Good for a Change?

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