You already know that healthy Ionized Alkaline Water exists for drinking.


The Ionic Oasis SP 750® Creates More Than Just Drinking Water!

You already know that healthy Ionized Alkaline Water exists for drinking. But did you know that has created an incredible water filtration device that also produces 5 different types of water useful for green cleaning? Imagine being able to keep your home cleaner the all-natural way!


The Ionic Oasis SP 750® system allows you control the pH level of the water it creates, giving you more health and cleaning options in your home and laundry care. This gives you more value and allows you to have a more eco-friendly home, which is perfect for families and pet owners. Learn more about the different uses of Ionic Oasis SP 750® here:


Strong Ionized alkaline Water (*Not for drinking*)
This type of water has a pH of 11.0. It is ideal for cleaning produce, dishes, cutting boards, and grime in and around your kitchen – without harmful chemicals. It’s even great for getting out tough stains on surfaces like countertops as well as grout and tile.       
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Ionized Alkaline Water
With a pH of 8.5-9.5, this type of water is perfect for drinking and healthy cooking. Ionized Alkaline Water is also good for gardening. Its alkaline pH properties work to provide optimal hydration. And the great taste of Ionized Alkaline Water is due to the Ionic Oasis SP 750’s unique filtering process that never strips out the natural minerals your body needs.



Clean Water:
Strictly for drinking, this healthy water has a pH of 7.0. It contains no cloudiness or harmful chemicals. Therefore, it works wonderfully when preparing baby foods or taking medication.



Acidic Water:
This slightly acidic water has a pH of 4.0-6.0. It has natural astringency, which makes it terrific to use for gentle cleaning and beauty care. Use this water to wash your face and hair. You can also use it in the rinse cycle of your laundry or when preparing food for freezing.       
561-790-2004        WaterWorks4.Com


Strong Acidic Water: (*Not for drinking*)
This water has a pH of 2.5, which has excellent cleaning characteristics. Acidic Water can be used to clean household surfaces and remove pesticides, dirt and other impurities from foods. It also makes a convenient hand sanitizer.



So, imagine never having to buy store-bought household cleaners or expensive beauty care products again! Alkaline Ionized Water Machines provide you with a greener alternative for most day-to-day household and beauty needs. The revolutionary Ionic Oasis SP 750® is a great solution to your water pollution and for your budget, your health, and the environment!        561-790-2004        WaterWorks4.Com

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