Don’t Let Chemicals and Toxins Into Your Holiday Meals!

Posted: December 14, 2012 by Peter Goodgold of

Most likely you are concerned with the quality of the water you drink. But are you as careful with the water you cook with?

Most U.S. municipal tap water is chlorinated, fluoridated and may also contain ammonia. And those are just the chemicals they intentionally add to the water!

Other harmful toxins, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and more make their way into our water system every day. And if you’re not using a quality water filter, then you are forcing your liver and kidneys to be the filter!

Most people rinse their produce in tap water in an attempt to wash off dirt, pesticides and herbicides. But guess what? If you are using unfiltered tap water–or even a cheap disposable filter–chlorine and other chemicals and toxins are being absorbed INTO your food!

Boiling potatoes? Making rice, soup, pasta? If you’re not using quality filtered water you’re ingesting whatever nasty chemicals are in your tap water.

Consuming chlorinated food and water has been linked to cancer and other diseases, and fluoride is a known disruptor to the central nervous system. Cooking with bottled water is expensive and in most cases acidic, so not a viable solution.

Improve the taste of your food and protect the health of yourself and your family with a WaterWorks4u pre-filter or pre filter system. Our Pre-filters systems costs $100 and up, they eliminate over 100 contaminants and will suit most households. They are made to be used as pre filters for our state of the art Ionic Oasis water ionizers or they can be used as stand alone filters as well. Our Ultimate Triple Filter ($299) is top-of the-line and can tackle any water source.

For any additional information about filters or water ionizers go to

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