Kangen Verses the Ionic Oasis

The Enagic Kangen water ionizer is manufactured by Leveluk corporation and they are an MLM (multi level marketing) company that sells water ionizers to customers with the idea of making large profits as you get more sellers under you. There is nothing special about the Enagic 501 series except for it’s high price of $3999. This price is needed because in order for an MLM company to be successful they need to have at least a 10 mark up on a product to make up all the comissions everyone needs to earn from selling not only the product but also the ability to sell the product to someone else and get that someone under you and someone under him and so on.

I do not believe this is the correct marketing strategy that will help our upside down economy. Does this sound like a Ponzi scheme? Yes it does, because as we know these schemes work only for those who get on board at the begining and get all the other people under them to do all the work. Like all Pyramid schemes they eventually collapse because of the greed factor.

Here is the comparison of the Enagic 501 and the Ionic Oasis 

First of all, most electronic water ionizers make alkaline water and acid water of approximately the same pH levels. Usually they make water between 3.5 pH and 10 pH.

The Enagic claims their machine can produce 2.5 acid water but they don’t mention that you have to add a saline solution to achieve this low pH. The Ionic Oasis because it has larger electrodes can achieve the 2.5 acidic pH water without adding any saline solution. The bigger electrodes lets the Ionic Oasis produce water with a high pH of 11.5 and a strong negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of -800 to -850.

The Enagic has 7 platinum titanium electrodes but so does the Ionic Oasis. Our Ionic Oasis has 7 plates that are bigger (twice the size of Enagic) Platinum/ Titanium electrodes and a much larger carbon/silver/tourmaline water filter. The Ionic Oasis has a built in pH meter and an on board ORP meter (measures the negative or positive charge of the water).

Enagic does not offer a built in pH meter or a built in ORP meter! Why not…for $3999 shouldn’t you get all the bells and whistles…not with Kangen for $3999 you get a standard water ionizing machine, nothing wrong with it but the high price.

Enagic (Kangen) with a $4000 price tag has to say a lot of negative things about other water ionizers to justify their ridiculously high price tag. Enagic (Kangen) costs more because it is a MLM company. Their machine wholesales for $400 and they mark it up 10 times. A 10 time mark up is needed for all MLM companies in order to be successful. So this means the average person is paying 6-8 times more than they have to because of MLM marketing. Perhaps MLM stands for something else…perhaps it stands for MUST LOVE MONEY!

We are the manufacturers of the Ionic Oasis and because we are the manufacturer and not a (MLM) mulit level marketing company, we don’t have 10 levels of middle men making profits on our water ionizers. We sell directly to the public the end consumer and we pass the savings on to you, the customer.

 More comparisons:

The Enagic (Kangen) water ionizer has a drinking hose which is made of plastic, the Ionic Oasis drinking hose is manufactured out of stainless steel like most sink faucets. Not plastic!

Counter top water ionizers hook up to sink faucets with the use of a device know as a diverter. This device screws onto the end of your water faucet and diverts the water from the faucet to the water ionzer.

The Enagic water diverter is made out of plastic.The Ionic Oasis uses a high quality stainless steel diverter to hook up to your sink faucet.

So that’s the comparison. The Ionic Oasis gives you more features and better quality and bigger electrodes,Biostone filters, stainless steel diverters and drinking hoses for less than half the price of the Enagic Kangen water ionizer.

We at WaterWorks4u.com make a fair profit on each Ionic Oasis sale. Enagic makes an obscene profit on each sale!!!

 It’s your money…Spend it Wisely!


For more info on the Ionic Oasis please review it on our site www.WaterWorks4u.com you will be glad you did. Don’t forget to tell your friends about it also.


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