pH is Critical to Our Health

pH is Critical to Our Health

Peter Goodgold

pH is Critical to Our Health

Peter Goodgold

The Problem

Our diet has changed radically over the last seventy years. We have abandoned our time-honored balanced diet of raw fruits and vegetables. The advent of processed foods and the mania over fast foods and junk foods has changed all that. We no longer eat foods that contain natural enzymes; they have been cooked, pasteurized or otherwise processed out of our food and therefore out of our diet. Without enzymes, our bodies cannot take in vital nutrients. For instance, there are the familiar stories of old ladies who seemingly fall down and break their hips. Come to find out all those old ladies did not fall down at all. Rather, their hip bone snapped and they fell over. Because of the lack of proper nutrition and the necessary enzymes, their bodies lost the ability to take in calcium, a condition known as osteoporosis. Once our bodies become depleted of enzymes, it becomes increasing difficult to take in nutrients. If our organs must devote a large portion of their enzyme manufacturing potential to making digestive enzymes, it weakens the whole body.

However, what make this situation worse is that processed foods, fast foods and junk foods create an acidic condition in our bodies that over time becomes an ideal environment for diseases to start. For instance, cancer does not live well in an alkaline environment but flourishes in an acidic environment. What we consume either raises or lowers our body pH (pH relates to acidic and alkaline), which should be between 7.2-7.4 pH. For example a soft drink such as a cola has a pH of 2.7-3.0, which is extremely acidic! A soft drink with a pH of 3.0 is going to have a much higher pH after it has passed through the body; it is going to have close to the same pH as your body, about 7.0. It reached that pH level by stealing precious minerals and fluids from your body! Putting soft drinks and other high acid foods in your body lowers your body’s pH making it more acidic, thus more susceptible to disease. It does not give you disease; rather it helps to create the ideal environment for any disease that may come along to get a foothold, may it be environmental, genetic, diet related or by other means. The vast majority of cancer patients possess a very low body pH, ranging from 6.0-5.0 or lower. Our bodies simply cannot fight disease if the body pH is not properly balanced.

In short, our diet is killing us. One in three people in the United States will get cancer in their lifetime. These are staggering statistics, yet if you look at the rise of processed, over cooked, fast and junks in this country, you will notice the rates of cancer and other diseases rising at the same rate.


The question remains: what to do about this situation. There is something we can do about it.



The Ionic Solution to Your Body’s Internal Pollution!




The Ionic Oasis counter-top water ionizer/filter provides alkalized, oxygen rich, antioxidant water directly from ordinary tap water through electrolysis.  This water ionizer enables you to virtually wash waste products, toxins and FAT out of your body simply by drinking ionized water.


Extensively used throughout East Asia for over 40 years, this technology is one of the most significant preventative and restorative health advances of our generation at an affordable price.


The Ionic Oasis connects to your kitchen or bathroom tap within seconds, providing ionized water with the flip of a lever.  Your tap water is transformed into a powerful liquid antioxidant to scavenge free radicals from your body!  This amazing ionic water rejuvenates and hydrates you for more youthful looking skin – even fading age spots!


Degenerative diseases result from the buildup of acidic wastes.  We gradually build up these acids as we age by eating the wrong foods, drinking the wrong beverages, stress, negative emotions and pollution.  Drinking high alkaline water counteracts these acids and washes them from our bodies.


Using platinum coated titanium electrodes, the structure of tap water is altered into 2 micro-clustered streams.  One stream is high pH alkaline water for internal use (drinking) and the other is low pH acidic water for external use (skin, hair, household disinfectant and watering plants).

Alkaline Water Benefits:

- Provides lots of energy & mental clarity!

- Powerful antioxidant to scavenge free radicals!

- Balances body pH to promote wellness and help prevent disease!

- Micro-structured water facilitates weight loss!

- Super hydration for healthier looking skin and detoxification!

- Allows nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently!


Acid Water Benefits:

- Conditions skin for less wrinkles and fading of age spots!

- Hair and body rinse for silky smoothness!

- Relieves chapped, dry, itchy skin, even eczema!

- Helps heal fungus, acne, rashes, wounds and blisters!

- Use instead of toothpaste to remove plaque!

- Gargle to relieve sore throats and mouth sores!


Medical studies show that alkaline ionic water has the most powerful antioxidant properties, better than vitamins A, C, E, beta carotene and selenium, which improves your body’s defense against disease.




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