Here are some interesting water stats for you to think about: 
* Over 60% of your body is made-up of water
* Over 70% of your brain is comprised of water
* Over 80% of your blood is made-up of water

With water being such a key part of your body’s make-up, here are some key health benefits resulting from proper hydration:
* Water helps remove waste in your body and flush out toxins
* Water regulates your body’s vital organs and makes sure they are performing optimally
* Water helps your body convert food into energy
* Water helps your body maintain healthy cells by carrying vital nutrients and oxygen to cells

These are just some of the amazing health benefits that result from proper hydration.

Proper hydration is not just the amount of water you drink, but it also includes the time of day you’re drinking water and the type of water you’re drinking.

Here are 3 key questions and their answers to proper hydration.

Q: So how much water should you be drinking a day?
A: Drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day.

A: To be healthily hydrated drink one quart of water for every 30 lbs of your body’s weight.

Q: What times during the day should you be drinking water?
A: Here’s a suggested daily schedule:
* Drink 16 oz. (2 glasses) of cold water right when you wake-up to kick-start your body
* Drink 16 oz. (1 glass) of room temperature water 30 minutes before eating breakfast
* Drink 16 oz. (1 glass) of room temperature water 30-45 minutes before eating lunch
* Drink 16 oz. (1 glass) of cold water in the mid-after as a picker-upper
* Drink 16 oz. (1 glass) of room temperature water 45 minutes before eating dinner
* Drink 16 oz. (1 glass) of room temperature water before taking your evening bath/shower or while watching your favorite TV show
* Drink 8 oz. (1 glass) of room temperature water 60 minutes before going to bed
And when you add it all up, the total amount of water consumed during this daily schedule is what is needed every day. COFFEE, TEA AND JUICE DO NOT COUNT.

Q: What type of water should you drink?
A: There are tremendous health benefits for drinking alkaline water over normal tap or even bottled water.

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