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Kangen Verses the Ionic Oasis

The Enagic Kangen water ionizer is manufactured by Leveluk corporation and they are an MLM (multi level marketing) company that sells water ionizers to customers with the idea of making large profits as you get more sellers under you. There … Continue reading

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Alkaline Water & Stomach Acid

One common question we get all the time is: “What’s the point of drinking alkaline water? Everyone knows the stomach produces strong acid, and it will neutralize the alkaline water” To help clarify this, here is a short excerpt from … Continue reading

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Are You Ready to Get Your Water from Sewage?

You may have seen it on TV or read it in papers: clean drinking water is a valuable, scarce resource that we take for granted. It will only become more so in the future, as world population skyrockets and climates … Continue reading

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