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Ion Wave XP Water Pitcher (Molecular Hydrogen)
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List Price $169.99   Sale Price $139.99

Ion-Wave XP-  Alkalizing Water Pitcher - Purifies * Filters * Ionizes

Portable and affordable Ionizing Water Pitcher- No faucet attachment or electricity needed to produce high 9 to 9.5 pH healthy drinking water. Transforms ordinary tap water into powerful anti-oxidants for  "Wellness, Weight Loss and Anti Aging". Reduces Lead, Mercury, Chlorine and Flouride and many other contaminants. Kills up to 99.96% of germs!

The Ion Water Pitcher XP (Extra pH) has a revoloutionary "New and Improved" design incorporating 3 seperate filters thus creating a higher pH 
 (9 or 9.5) and a stronger negative ORP -350 ORP (oxidation reduction potential).

Devloped with new EX grip handle alowing EZ pick up and pouring.  Developed for the health concious indvidual or family looking to stay healthy and live a life without medication.

List Price: $169.99
Price: $139.99
The Ultimate Pre-Filter System (Triple Housing)
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Triple Chrome Pre Filter Sediment / Carbon / Fluoride

The Ultimate Pre-Filter is used by many health conscious Americans to remove sediments, contaminants and pollutants from their water before it is ionized and alkalized. The Ultimate Pre-Filter is a must for those who are serious about their health. Diverter not included
List Price: $389.99
Price: $359.99

Vitalight Spa shower head
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Vitalight Color Therapy Spa shower head from Water Works 4 U, makes healthy healing water while removing chlorine, fluoride and other  harmful contaminants!

Regular Price  $129.99       Sale Price $99.99

Click the video to watch the color therapy video  

List Price: $129.99
Price: $99.99
Vitalight Spa Shower Head Bundle

The Vitalite Spa Shower Bundle gets you Romanticly clean while achieving smoother skin and and silkier hair.

The Vitalite shower head Regular price $129.97
The Vitalite stainless steel hose $29.99
The Vitalite hose clips Regualr price 15.99
The Vitalite replacement mineral cartridges $39.99
TOTAL VALUE    $215.96 
List Price: $215.96
Price: $139.99

Ionic Oasis MINERAL ENHANCED  Replacement Filter for the Ionic Oasis SP Series
 Click the image above for more information

"All the minerals need for your daily consumption NOW available in your ionized alkaliine drinking water",

All these minerals are water soluble and will be absorbed into the water in small amounts with each use. Once ionized by the electrons, the body will assimilate the minerals much more easily because each mineral carries an extra electron. The energy of the electron helps assists efficient absorption into the body.
List Price: $169.99
Price: $139.99
"The Ion-Wave" Portable Far Infrared Sauna

Lay Down, Relax, Enjoy The Total 360° Degree Surround of FIR ( FAR INFRARED ) Healing Heat in your "The Ion-Wave" Portable Far Infrared Sauna

Keeping the head outside and cool while lying down is the optimal way to get the most benefits of far infrared heat with the least discomfort. Under the heat stress, which is common in a sauna, the regulation of the body's internalresponses toward self healing is maximized with the greatest degree of relaxation.

Lying down in the dome promotes distinct cardiovascular and neurological advantages. Laying down relieves the nervous system and cardiovascular system of the extra stress that is required to maintain an erect posture 

List Price: $999.00
Price: $769.00

Ionic Oasis SP350
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List Price $1199.00   Sale Price $999.00
Click the image above for more information

The Ionic Oasis SP 350 has the best of all features on the market.

The Ionic Oasis Sp 350 is a Basic Model - 3 Platinum Titanium Electrodes

Modern design with all of the features included with our 7 electrode model. Comes with a color pH meter and an ORP meter calibrated to the pH scale, a mineral port for adding minerals, an automatic cleaning alert, hot water shut-off and filter replacement indicator,

ph ranges 4 - 9.5+, ORp Range -100 to -450 Mv, LCD Readout pH and ORP with Color, Flow Rate 1 - 1.5 gallons per minute

List Price: $1199.00
Price: $999.00
Alkaline Diet Stick (Molecular Hydrogen)
Click the image above for more information

Purify, Detoxify,  Lose Weight!

List Price $49.99   Sale Price  $39.99

The Alkaline Diet Stick make 1000 bottles of healthy purified, ionized 9.5 pH supercharged drinking water from ordinary tap water. Hydrogen rich water prevents the oxidation (aging) of the body. The alkaline water produced with the Alkaline Diet Stick will balance your bodies pH and helps eliminate toxins from your body as it facillitates weight-loss. the Diet Stick gives you many other health benefits such as producing powerful antioxidants to help with weight loss, slow down aging and continued wellness. Click the image above to learn more!

Quantity Pricing
1 Diet Stick -    39.99
2 Diet Sticks -  $74.99
3 Diet Sticks  - $99.99
4  Diet Sticks - $109.99

List Price: $39.99
Price: $39.99

Portable Ti Stick Alkaline Rich (Molecular Hydrogen) - Energy Stick
Click the image above for more information
List Price $49.99   Sale Price $39.99

TI-Stick Titanium
- Alkaline Rich Hydro - Energy Stick. DON'T BE FOOLED BY IMITATION. Our Alkaline sticks were the first ones on the market and SAYS OUR PRODUCT NAME ON IT!   The Ti-Stick portable water ionizing cartridge (filter/ionizer) is a super charged version of the Alkaline Diet stick. It is much stronger and makes 1000 healty bottles of purified, ionized 9.5 pH supercharged drinking water from ordinary tap water. Hydrogen rich water prevents the oxidation (aging) of the body. The stick will turn tap water into a powerful anti-oxidant for wellness, weight-loss and anti-aging. The alkaline water produced with the Ti-Stick will balance your bodies pH and give you many other health benefits.
Click the image above to learn more!

Quantity Pricing
1  Ti-Stick  -   $39.99 
2  Ti-Sticks -  $74.99 
3  Ti Sticks -  $99.99  
4  Ti-sticks -   $109.99 

List Price: $39.99
Price: $39.99
Ion Wave Xp Water Pitcher Stage 1 Replacement
Reduces harmful contaminants such as chlorine, copper, mercury, cadmium, sediment, rust, micro organisms, algae and volatile aorganic componds
List Price: $49.99
Price: $39.99

Carbon / Fluoride Pre-Filter System (Dual Housing)
Click the image above for more information

Double Chrome Pre Filter Carbon / Fluoride
pre-filter system combines two filters in a dual housing for superior filtration. Diverter not included
List Price: $279.99
Price: $259.99
Ion Wave Bath Balls "Removes chlorine  from your bath water"
Ion Wave Bath Balls    Reg Price  $119.99  Sale Price $79.99

Why bath in harmful Chlorinated water?

The Ion Wave bath and beauty balls removes chlorine and other harmful contaminants while creating healthier water for smoother skin and silkier hair.

Negative Ions and Far Infrared Radiation creates a healthy atmosphere combined with an exhilarating and deeply satisfying Spa like experience

Removes chlorine, heavy metals and other impurites from your bath water.
Healthier, younger-looking skin
Relief from dry, itchy skin
Improved lathering and sudsing
Safer for infants, adults and pets
No skin and eye irritation

List Price: $119.99
Price: $79.99

Ion Wave Spa Shower Filter - Stainless Steel Hose
Hose for use with the Ion Wave Spa Shower Head. It works with the Ion Wave Spa Shower head and the showerhead clip.

Save Money: Purchase the Ion Wave Spa Shower Head Bundle and get the shower head, hose and clip.
List Price: $39.99
Price: $19.99
Filter -- Ionic Oasis Econic Bio Filter
Click the image above for more information

Replacement Filter for the Ionic Oasis -- Econic Bio Filter

This excellent  filter provides 1 micron particulate filtration, activated charcoal Carbon/KDF/GAC filtration and crystals to provide negative ions and Far infrared radiation and a mild ionization to the water before it runs over the platinum / titanium electrodes.

Removes 90% of all contaminants and 80% of flouride.
List Price: $129.99
Price: $109.99

Filter -- Ionic Oasis Ultra Fine Filter (Molecular Hydrogen)
Click the image above for more information

Replacement Filter for the Ionic Oasis -- Ultra Fine Filter

Ultra .01 micron filter that is an upgrade for the Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer.  Removes 99% of chlorine, particulate and other harmful elements from tap water. Removes 80% of flouride. Because such small opening most contaminants are removed before ionization which then removes remaining contaminants through water seperation during electrolyisis procedure. 
List Price: $159.99
Price: $139.99
Mist of Serenity White
 The ultrasonic mist maker, or nebulizer, promotes more restful sleep, easier breathing, and helps to eliminate allergens, relieve headaches, hydrate your skin AND "ENHANCE THE MOOD" with our variable mode control switch for the LED lights
List Price: $109.99
Price: $79.99

Aquarius Rejuvenator
 List Price $1,299.00  SPECIAL:$1199.00

The Aquarius Rejuvenator 5 plate Water Ionizer provides the highest pH and lowest negative ORP of the Rejuvenator Series. The pH leveland the ORP level are displayed on the color LCD screen. All Rejuvenator Water Ionizers have the advantage of an Automatic Cleaning Alert (every 12 hours) to remove any mineral build-up on the electrodes. This alert ensures the cleaning process can be monitored. The ionizer enters a 30 second cleaning cycle the next time it is operated.
List Price: $1299.00
Price: $1199.00
Under The Counter Water Ionizer Conversion Kit

UTC.......Under Counter Conversion Kit
Reg Price $399.99  Sale Price   $359.99

The WaterWorks4U’s under-the-sink Water Ionizer conversion kit allows you to place any countertop water ionizer under the counter giving you increased counter top space and enhanced kitchen aesthetics.

List Price: $399.99
Price: $359.99

3 Year Warranty for WaterWorks4U Water Ionizers
3Year Warranty for any WaterWorks4U Water Ionizer

Must be bought at the same time the ionizer is purchased.
Waterworks4u,Inc.offers the ability to purchase a  limited 3 year warranty on all of our Water Ionizers.

This new 3 year warranty policy must be purchased for water ionizers at the time of purchase.

Warranty does not cover repairs caused by customer neglect or by failure to stop the build-up of calcium in hard water areas.

Price: $149.99
Ion Wave Xp Water Pitcher 2nd Stage Replacement
List Price $59.99     Sale Price $49.99

 - replacement fitler 2nd Stage - Akalizing Filter. This revolutionary ion exchange filter uses propietary mixture of grade A minerals to achieve ionization and water restructuring (hexagonal shape). It produces "Living Crystal Water" with 8.5 to 9.5 pH antioxidant rich alkaline water with a Negative charged ORP (-250 to -350). Needs to be replaced every 6 months.
List Price: $59.99
Price: $49.99

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Why Is Ionized Water So Miraculous?

The human body is Alkaline by design, while all of the functions of the bodily actions and reactions are acidic by nature. Human health is based on the health of the blood, which is a very delicate balance of 7.365ph for perfect health.

The single most important thing one can for one's body, asides from breathing oxygen, is to maintain the ph of 7.365, by drinking Alkaline/Ionized water.
Eating, drinking and thought processes all effect one's ph, so its not just about what we are putting into our bodies on a physical sense but also the emotionality of the body and mind. Your thoughts become biology.

Ionization is a process of tranforming ordinary water from your home or office into a powerful Antioxidant for Wellness, Weight-Loss and Anti-Aging!

With a ph of 7 representing the midpoint anything below 7 has a positive charge creating acids and oxidizing properties that cause dis-ease and age you at a fast rate of speed. With a ph of 7 or above the water has a negative charge which produces high levels of Alkalinity and Oxygenation keeping the body in perfect heath, with detoxifying and hydrating qualities.

Alkaline/Ionized water gives your body the ability to remain in harmonious balance with health and wellness, while enjoying the effects of perfect health through healing, increased energy, weight loss, vibrant skin and the satisfaction of internal well being.

Alkaline/Ionized water is the fundamental foundation of the fountain of youth!

Suggestions for Optimal Health & Weight Loss

    Drink your food and chew your liquid. Digestion starts in the mouth!
  • EAT 75% RAW:
    Raw foods (veggies, fruits, sprouts, nuts & seeds) are the best for you!
    Jumping with various exercises on a rebounder is fun and a total workout!
    Ionized Water from a WaterWorks4U water ionizer is best, at least 64 oz's day!

Read about the WaterWorks4u Water Ionizers and the new Titanium/Alkaline Water Stick. For more information, e-mail sales@WaterWorks4u.com or call us at 561-790-2004

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